Meet the Board

Richard Farace MEd, Executive Director

Since the age of 16, Richard has followed his lifelong mission to help communities and children in need through education. As a middle school teacher fresh out of college, Richard received acclaim and recognition for his success and community involvement with his students. With a yearning for academic achievement, Richard was determined to set in motion a career in educational leadership. Richard currently works as an educational consultant helping many supplemental programs find success.

Richard’s ambitious personal mission and goals intersect unequivocally with Kid Angels’ vision to change the educational history of our children’s future. He looks forward to applying his skills toward the development of the Kid Angel mission.

Under Richard’s direction, and with the constant support of the Kid Angel Board of Directors, Kid Angel will continue to serve the “high risk” academic student and his or her parents with new and innovative educational services.

Dr. John DeFrank BA History, MS Ed, Ed. D

John began his educational career as a social studies teacher and school counselor. During those years, he also coached high school and college football, garnering Coach of the Year honors.

From 1988 through 2008, John served in school administration, mostly as a pupil services director, and was instrumental in the initiation of two alternative school programs, both with strong cyber components. He also served as co-chair of the Lebanon Collaborative Network, a group that fostered cooperation and coordination among social agencies, service providers, juvenile justice, and school districts.


Lisa Jordan Greenburg

Most of Lisa’s professional career has been spent in the field of education. Even while employed as an industrial engineer she was also teaching; she taught a series of math courses which herdistrict manager arrangedthrough the local college to encourage his employees to continue their education.Lisa has always believed that knowledge is power and being able to read is essential to being empowered. What she offers to Kid Angel Foundation is the knowledge that she has gained from her experiences with industry, schools, and families in order to bring reading into the lives of as many children as possible.

Roni Elias

Veronica Graduated from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey with a B.S. in Nutritional Sciences. While in college, Veronica volunteered as a health advocate facilitating seminars for students in college and in local high schools. While attending Rutgers University, Veronica also served as a bilingual educational mentor for inner city high school students. After graduation she moved across the country to San Diego and worked as a food scientist at a local company. For the past 9 years Veronica has volunteered at the Elementary Institute of Science as a guest speaker and facilitated yearly science fairs. She has always had a passion for the welfare and the education of our children, especially the children of Spanish speaking parents. Working with the Kid Angel Foundation and with the Spanish communities allows her to fulfill that passion.

Sebastian C. Badea, BS, MBA

Sebastian brings to Kid Angel a wealth of knowledge and passion for education, entrepreneurship, finance and business development. Most recently, Sebastian served as a venture capitalist at TeleSoft Partners helping start-up companies in the education and digital media spaces identify their target consumer, develop their value proposition, and determine their optimal positioning and branding strategy. Some of his investments in education included Knowledge Adventure, a leading educational software provider, and, one of the most visited Internet sites for general education information. Previously, Sebastian worked as an investment banker at Lehman Brothers, serving as the lead analyst on multiple worldwide mergers and acquisitions transactions totaling more than $20 billion

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